Buses - updated 26 August 2016

John Dix Abbeymead route from September 2016 (revised 7th September)

John Dix Quedgeley route from September 2016

John Dix A38 route from September 2016




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John Dix Travel has reiterated that students without a valid pass will not be entitled to travel

Buses - updated 6th July 2016

New Bus Routes from September 2016

Stagecoach and John Dix Travel


Stagecoach are moving away from dedicated school buses to running service-buses. [The routes 502, 505, 506, 860 & 862 will be withdrawn at the end of this term, and only those.] The service buses will of course be available to students and pupils.

Five service routes are of interest to St Peter's students:  the 61 from Dursley to Cheltenham via Stroud; the 62 from Dursley to Gloucester;  the 63 from Forest Green and Nailsworth, via Stroud, to St Peter's;  the 64, which can carry students from Stonehouse and Bussage to Stroud to change to the 63.

Stagecoach have taken over from Cotswold Green in running a bus through Minchinhampton.  Students and pupils will be able to catch that service to either Stroud or Nailsworth to change to the 63.

9 Gloucester to Tuffley:  Revised timetable to improve punctuality, particularly in the peak (same number of journeys as now, including an extra run at school times) 
61/64/67 in and around Stroud: Revised timetables to improve punctuality, 61 new route between Dursley and Cheltenham offering a connexion at Stroud (64 does stop at Bowbridge both ways) 
62 Dursley to Gloucester: Route in to Gloucester will be via Bristol Road, not Stroud Road, as service will now link through to Thornbury and Bristol 
63 Nailsworth to Gloucester:  Revised timetable to improve punctuality - 63A school bus will continue to run (times slightly altered to reflect current time needed), still every 30mins all day 
66 Stroud to Gloucester: Minor changes to route in Kingsway to pass more houses, timetable changes for punctuality

The Stagecoach standard Gloucester Megarider weekly ticket costs £13.  This fare can be further discounted if purchased as a four weekly ticket (£48 - available on the bus).  

Students travelling from outside the Gloucester urban area will be able to buy our Megarider Gold weekly ticket for £20, or £76 for 4 weeks.  This will still offer travel across all of our local bus services in Gloucestershire and will therefore meet the needs of those travelling from Stroud, Stonehouse, Minchinhampton and Dursley.

John Dix Travel

John Dix Travel offer guaranteed seats on dedicated school buses, paid by monthly standing order.  Each of the routes they offer has an information pack below.

John Dix Travel (Abbeymead)

John Dix Travel (Quedgeley)

13th July 2016  NEW - A38 ROUTE

Please find below the information pack for the A38 service incorporating the villages along that stretch of road.  It is proposed to drive through Stonehouse, Leonard Stanley, Nympsfield, Uley, Dursley and Cam and then along the A38 back towards Gloucester.  Those students living in villages on the same side of the road as the river (Slimbridge, Saul, Whitminster and Longney) will almost certainly need to come out to the A38; the bus will turn and pick up from Frampton village centre.  This significantly saves time and fuel enabling to keep this competitively priced.  It is more expensive than our various Gloucester routes, but the mileage is significantly higher.

John Dix Travel (A38)



13th July 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

I have good news about buses.  Mr Dix is offering us complex and helpful routes which reflect the needs stated in Mr Blackshaw’s survey.

He is asking you to take out standing orders to guarantee a year’s transport.  He is buying in new buses to run the routes so is building a business based on our needs.  This business cannot rely on the students paying daily fares.  The cost seems high and I am only too sensitive about that;  however, it is no higher, and almost certainly lower, than the offer we would have had from Stagecoach.

If your sons and daughters use a school bus at the moment and you are not quite sure whether you want to take the plunge with the standing order business, may I politely ask you to do so.  The buses are really important to the school and unless each one has a viable quota of paying passengers, we shall be compromised and those who really need the buses will lose out.

Please help us to make this change a successful and positive one.

There are grants available directly from Shire Hall for transport grants to families on low incomes, and these can be applied for at any time.  The County Council will provide help to low income families with a child aged between 11-16 years attending a secondary school where the pupil… attends the nearest suitable school preferred on grounds of religion or belief, where they live more than two miles, but not more than fifteen miles from that school.  [Further information about this is on their website at http://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/applyforabuspass]

Mr Dix is preparing  the following routes:


Information packs published and sent to all 3 schools (that is, The Crypt, Ribston Hall, St Peter’s).  The 860 bus will not run from September. Applications currently being received.  Numbers as of today are at 43 students in total.


Information packs published and sent to all 3 schools.  Applications currently being received.  Numbers as of today are at 26 students in total.

A38 ROUTE       

Information pack will be published this week and made available by St Peter’s for a route incorporating Stonehouse, Leonard Stanley, Nympsfield, Uley, Dursley, Cam, Slimbridge, Whitminster, Frampton, Saul and Longney.  Depending on numbers we may combine elements of this route with the Quedgeley route.  This can again serve all 3 schools.  Applications will be invited urgently when the information pack is made available.


We are looking with Mr Dix at the possibility of running a service from Highnam, Newent, Over etc.  If any of you have demand for this, please contact me (with numbers of passengers interested) by email.

I hope this is of help and interest to you.  I have found your emails and communications very useful in undertaking these negotiations.  Please continue to support the school in this way!

Thank you,  Yours,

Philip Rush


26th June 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

Re:  School Buses 

We have heard from Stagecoach that they are withdrawing several routes from September 2016.  These are route 502, from Minchinhampton via Stroud;  route 505, from Dudbridge via Whitminster a nd Quedgeley;  route 506, from Nympsfield via Uley, Dursley and Stonehouse; and route 806 from Brockworth.  Hardwicke.  Bennetts are withdrawing their Brockworth bus.

Moreover, they are increasing their daily fares (although the weekly ‘season ticket’ remains unchanged).  Stagecoach will no longer be offering the £1.30 flat rate single ticket, but the ten-journey weekly ticket (£13 a week for the Megarider, £48 for four weeks) will remain.

Stagecoach assure us that they are investing in their ‘service routes’ which will be more frequent throughout the day.  One immediate solution, of course, is for students to make their way to bus stops where they can catch a service bus.  St Peter’s is open and supervised from 8 am until 5 pm.

We have met with Mr John Dix of John Dix Travel.  We anticipate being able to solve many of the problems.  But one step at a time.  The down side is that costs will rise a little and that payment must be monthly over the whole year.  The payments are taken in ten instalments over the first ten months of the year.   The up side is that payment guarantees a seat on a bus dedicated to school pupils from St Peter’s, The Crypt and Ribston Hall.  These are not public buses.

As the company, John Dix Travel, makes the routes available you will be invited to apply for places.  It’s “first come first served” so please do not delay.  The bus company will endeavour to meet all demand but cannot guarantee that every pupil will get a place.

Abbeymead Route 

You can apply for places on this route now.  Everything is explained on the document accessible through a link on this page, above.

Hardwicke & Quedgeley Route

You can apply for places on this route now.  This is available to all pupils who travel from Quedgeley whichever way you travel now.  Everything is explained on the document accessible through a link on this page, above. 

Frampton, Whitminster

If you travel from Frampton, and would like a place on a bus, please let us know now.  It is possible that if we have enough numbers from Frampton and Whitminster, one of the new Quedgeley buses will start from Frampton.  But you will need to have a place on a “Quedgeley bus” so you will need to read the information on the Quedgeley route on the webpage above.  Thank you.

In extremis, we are looking at running a school minibus, capacity 17, costs comparable to the Quedgeley bus, from Frampton.

Stroud via Stonehouse

Mr Dix is looking at the survey results Mr Blackshaw has prepared and we are hoping that we will have similar offers to the Quedgeley and the Abbeymead routes for these routes.

Other routes

We do not think we shall be able to cater for all the more rural destinations currently served.  For example, Longney and Epney, the Stanleys.  Uley and Nympsfield may be difficult (although they are linked to the Dursley service).  Students in these villages will need to catch a bus further from their homes than perhaps they are used to.  This is regrettable but reflects a changing climate in funding school transport. 

Please respond quickly if you want to have places on the routes as announced.  I shall continue to announce them as they are confirmed, by email and as letters from Reception.

Thank you for your support and understanding with all this.


Philip Rush



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Bus Timetables

Bennetts No 1 ( Abbeymead) (confirmed)


Marchants Coaches (Churchdown, Innsworth and Longlevens)

Stagecoach 805 (Brockworth)

Stagecoach Stroud/docs/Buses/Marchants_routes_and_costs_from_September_2016.pdf

FR Willetts (Tewkesbury Road)

If you have a query regarding bus passes or bus routes, please contact the bus company.

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